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This year's "More Than Enough" campaign is based on the story of Jesus miraculously feeding over 5,000 people with just a few loaves and fishes, with leftovers for everyone! Trusting that God will provide more than enough for us, this stewardship season we commit ourselves to continuing our support of the Church's mission and ministries at St. Mark's, with the goal of raising a total of $70,000 in pledges for 2023. 

Every gift matters, whether you can give more, the same, or less than in 2022. Please also know that you can always change your pledge during the year as circumstances dictate. Your pledge, in any amount, is what matters most. Please use the proportional giving chart below to help guide your decision, take a look at the FAQ here,  and be in touch if you have any other questions. Thank you.


What is a pledge?
A pledge is a financial commitment to the church for the upcoming year. The Vestry depends on pledge commitments to accurately prepare an operating budget that supports the church’s ministries and day-to-day operations.

Why is it important to make a pledge commitment?
Those who pledge to the work of God through St. Mark’s typically consider our parish to be their spiritual home. Your pledge, therefore, is an investment that brings greater health and wellbeing to your church home by supporting the necessary day-to-day operations of the church and strengthening its mission and ministry.

Why should I fill out a pledge card? Can I simply give when I am in worship or when I can?
Parishioners are encouraged always to be generous with time, talent, and treasure. A pledge, however, reflects a specific amount of money that the church can depend on when setting its annual budget. Without pledges, the church’s Vestry, our governing board, would have no concrete sense of what the income will be for the following year.

How much should I pledge?
Giving is a spiritual practice that should be prayerfully considered. Scripture encourages us to give in gratitude and as a proportion of our income – i.e., giving a percentage of one’s income as an act of worship. The biblical standard of giving in the Episcopal Church is 10% of our income, or a tithe.  This may be a goal that is too lofty for some and many of us thus require a more modest approach.  Many parishioners plan their giving as a proportion of their income and gradually increase that proportion from year to year.  This is a helpful way to step forward on that path of generosity and gratitude.  Our hope is that everyone at St. Mark’s will pledge some amount. If you are already pledging, please consider “moving up one step.”  Please see the chart below to determine what’s right for you and your household.

Don’t we get money from the diocese?

No, we don’t—it’s the other way around! Episcopal churches are usually financially independent, raising most of their operating funds from members. Unlike some churches (e.g., Roman Catholic), we are not funded from the top down. Your pledges or gifts go directly to our parish, and we are then charged an annual assessment to help fund the diocese, supporting it and the missions of the Episcopal Church throughout the world. Our diocesan assessment is $4,130 for 2023.

What happens if I fall behind in my pledge commitment? Can my pledge change?
Yes. We recognize that circumstances change. If that happens, please contact the treasurer to make the adjustment to your pledge.

Will I receive a statement of contributions during 2023?
Yes. In addition, you can always contact the treasurer for an up-to-date statement at any time.

How are my financial contributions used by St. Mark’s?
Your contributions are used to support the ministries and operations that enable the church to serve the needs of our community.  The 2023 budget will be available in January.

Will my pledge make a difference?
Yes, it will. Pledges represent our first and primary source of income. Every dollar makes a difference.


Proportional giving means that your gift is in proportion to your income. You give a certain percentage of your annual gross income as a gift. The scriptural concept of a “tithe” is to give back to God one-tenth (10%) of what we have received from God. If 10% is too high for you and your household, start thinking about your commitment to proportional giving with a small step, perhaps give two percent each year, or three and then grow towards the tithe level as you feel comfortable doing so. If you can give over 10%, please consider doing so. The important point is that the biblical teaching of proportional giving is a fair way to support your church family. You pledge and give in proportion to what you have or make. 

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

2022 Pledge Report

Under $1000                 4

$1001 to $2000               10

$2001 to $3000                 6

$3001 to $5200                 7

Total pledges:                  27

Total amount:        $60,840

Total budget:       $134,556

Amount needed from other sources to balance 2022 budget:  $73,716

2023 Total Pledge GOAL: $70,000

2021 Expenses.JPG
2021 Revenue.JPG
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