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We are grateful to share that in-person worship at St. Mark's has resumed. Live-streamed services will continue. Please read our safety guidelines below.

Reopening Guidelines

New Health and Safety Guidelines

Last month our bishops wrote, “While public health officials continue to urge caution, especially for those who are not fully vaccinated and those most vulnerable to severe illness from COVID-19, we can be hopeful that the worst of the pandemic has passed.” (See March 7th statement at In light of the current significantly improved situation, the Vestry recently voted to approve the following to relax our church’s health and safety restrictions, with the understanding that we may need to return to greater restrictions as needed:

  • Mask-wearing is no longer required but still strongly encouraged, especially while singing, due to the fact that young children remain unvaccinated. Also, we need to be sensitive towards those who are immunocompromised or otherwise highly vulnerable to COVID infection.

  • The lectern-side of the nave is designated for those who wish to physically-distance themselves. If you and your household wish to remain apart, please be seated near a yellow sign. We encourage everyone (especially those not wearing a mask) to avoid being very close to each other during coffee hour and other gatherings. This applies in particular to interactions with young children and anyone known to be more vulnerable.

  • Offering the bread of Holy Communion will remain normative. In addition, we will provide the option of receiving the wine via individual cups poured from a cruet for those indicating that they want it. Take a cup, being careful not to touch other cups, from the table on the pulpit side and bring it with you to the altar. This will indicate to the server that you wish to receive the wine. After receiving, please place the used cup in the basket on the table. Those who wish to remain physically-distanced are asked to come forward to receive Communion before others.

  • Other previous safety measures will remain in effect, including signing in for contact tracing if needed, careful attention to cleaning and disinfecting (especially of high-touch areas), providing good ventilation in all areas, running HEPA filters in the nave, and having individually-wrapped food and a designated person to serve refreshments at coffee hour. We hope to make additional decisions soon regarding Sunday School and other church events.

  • Coronavirus vaccines and boosters are proven to be safe and effective, and are strongly encouraged by health officials and our bishops. To learn how to access them, visit At the same time, please note that vaccination is not required to attend church events, nor are you expected to disclose your vaccination status or that of anyone else.

  • We are continuing to offer weekly live-streamed worship.


Please direct questions or concerns to our Co-Wardens Bill Barry and Steve Cunha. Your input is vital as we continue to make important decisions about the health and safety of our community. Thank you.

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