Pumpkin Patch

Hello all St. Mark’s  Pumpkin Patch patrons,  


During this time of year I am usually talking about our needs for the Pumpkin Patch and explaining how many pumpkins we will receive and asking for volunteers to help unload the truck and to help sell pumpkins.  Well, this year the vestry sadly decided to cancel the Pumpkin Patch due to Covid-19. The Burlington Board of Health didn’t think it was wise to go forward with the patch.


As you may know, all the proceeds were donated to People Helping People and the funds we paid to PumpkinsUSA for the pumpkins helped pay wages for farm workers on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico where the pumpkins are grown.  We are looking into new ways to raise funds so stay tuned.


Meanwhile, stay healthy and safe.

Shirley Estrella for the Pumpkin Patch Team

Each Year, during the month of October, we create a pumpkin patch on our lawn. We sell pumpkins and gourds, have raffles, games and picture taking. Many churches, service organizations, business, and other volunteers help with the selling.  


All of the profits are given to People Helping People in order to support the town food pantry which is located on our property. The pumpkins are sent to us on a “consignment basis” meaning we do not pay for all the pumpkins, just the ones we sell and we do not have to pay anything upfront. These pumpkins are grown on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico which provides jobs for Native Americans. 

If you are a church, service organization, or business, and would like to help us sell pumpkins to raise money for People Helping People, please give us a call or send us an email. 

Saint Mark's Episcopal Church

10 Saint Mark's Rd

Burlington, MA 01803